Succulent Gallery

Aloes – some are fast growing and tall and some stay small. Medium light medium water. Great variety.

Crassula- most from S. Africa; lower light , normal watering, great variety of stemmed plants

Haworthia – low light, very slow growing, , less water, thick pointed leaves. Propagate with pups. Prized succulents

Kalanchoe – stemmed fast growing plants, plantlets on edge of leaves, flowers. Like bright sun light, can handle more water. Many varieties

Echeveria – low rosettes – medium light, less water , pointed tip on thin leaves. Rot easily if sitting in moist soil.

Sepervivum – dense rosettes with pups, low water, cooler temperature, wide tolerance for differences in lighting. Rosettes rot very easily if sitting in wet soil. I do not have sepervivum hens and chicks since they do not do well in Florida.

Senecio– many forms – strings, stemmed plants. Mist strings in addition to watering.

Portulaca – various ground covering flowered plants, and tall stemmed plant. Like partial shade to full sun. need sun rose picture.

Euphorbia – cactus like succulent, poisonous white sap. full sun, Many varieties

Hoya– vines with thick leaves and beautiful waxy flowers.

Cactus – type of succulent with spines. Most grow quickly. Have attractive flowers.

Sedum – stone crop – many varieties, fast growing, need golden and tiny, jelly bean, ogon

Gasteria – slow growing, fan shaped. very unique

Graptopetalum fast growing rosettes, various colors, full sun



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Gallery updated July 1,2021 40-50 types available

Tips for Succulents in Florida

Succulents are not hard to grow if you learn a few things about them. They are from areas of the world with sunny days, dry soil and infrequent rain so they absorb water when it is provided and store it in stems or thick leaves. In Florida we can put them in the yard, on porches or lanais, or window sills and they will get sufficient light. Our rain will not harm them if they are in soil that drains quickly, but most potting soil is dense and holds too much water. Cactus or palm soil with added perlite or mulch drains better. Partial sand is ok for the cactus variety but has few nutrients. All containers need good drainage. Start by pouring water on them every 7-10 days and then let the plants tell you if they want more or less.