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Carport Sale 8-2 pm, Fri. and Sat. , July 2nd and 3rd, 2021!!

My Succulent Garden-Come visit

You are welcome to call ahead and visit my succulent nursery. Plants and arrangements in pots and ceramics are available for $2 – $8. I am usually home between 9 am and 8 pm but would not like to have you come when I am out. 757-7557. Scroll all the way through to get to my tips for heathy succulents.

My succulent arrangements
Night blooming cactus


Pale Puma

Succulents are not hard to grow if you learn a few things about them. They are from areas of the world with sunny days, dry soil and infrequent rain so they absorb water when it is provided and store it in stems or thick leaves. In Florida we can put them in the yard, on porches or lanais, or window sills and they will get sufficient light. Our rain will not harm them if they are in soil that drains quickly, but most potting soil is dense and holds too much water. Cactus or palm soil with added perlite or mulch drains better. Partial sand is ok for the cactus variety but has few nutrients. All containers need good drainage. Start by pouring water on them every 7-10 days and then let the plants tell you if they want more or less.

Succulents tell you their problems.
1) Rotting stem and soft yellowed leaves indicates that too much water is staying in the soil.

Solutions: Water less, check if soil is draining quickly,and check if there are drainage holes. You may have to cut away rotten roots or lower stems and replant what is still healthy.
2) Long stems indicates not enough light. Cut off the top and replant it. Cut back the stem and it will grow a new top. Place the plants where they get more sunlight.
3) Large Brown spots indicates sunburn. Transition the plant to full sunlight slowly or keep it in partial shade. Gray color is from very strong sunlight but you may get nice flowers.
4) Pale green colors indicate not enough sunlight. Red, dark green,deep purple , and blue shades are desirable usually, but only comes when the plant is in strong enough light and properly watered.
5) No flowers indicates it needs more sunlight. Succulents often only flower and turn deeper colors when they are stressed by limited water and strong sunlight.
6) Shriveling leaves tell you they need more water.

If plants you buy from me die, please come back. I give 50% credit towards replacements and can help you figure out what happened. Mine are grown in shaded areas and watered once a week and 95% of them grow well, but I don’t get many flowers or rich colors. Chris