Courses at ArtbyCMac beginning Oct. 2021

Would you like to take a course in Bradenton in watercolor painting, acrylic, silk painting, or gyotaku fish painting? How about Spanish or DIY Succulent Arrangements? Groups are limited to 2-4 students. Tuition is $10 per hr. Please read on and then contact Chris to register. Thanks

Class Schedule for October at ArtbyCMac 7506 17th Ave. W. Bradenton

10-12 Inter. AcrylicInter. WCSilk paintingDIY SucculentsGyotaku 9-12 
2-4 pmDIY SucculentsBeg. Acrylic     
6:00-8:00 pm Beg. WCBeg. SpanishInter. Spanish   

General information  

 Chris MacCormack is an educated, experienced Spanish teacher, and an art and succulent enthusiast who enjoys sharing what she has learned from her own extensive training and experiences. Her teaching style consists of sharing knowledge, encouraging students whatever their skill level, and giving calm useful suggestions. Good ways to decide if you are interested include visiting the monthly Carport Succulent and Art sale, exploring her web page or face book page, communicating by phone or email , or observing a class.  Please read through the course descriptions and then call or email Chris to discuss possibilities.

A $5 registration fee is paid by venmo, paypal cash, or check for all classes after exchanging information in order to reserve your place in a class. Tuition is paid at the first class. Children over 12 years old are welcome with a parent. Chris will make every effort to work out scheduling problems and be as flexible as possible. Planned absence can be made up if there is a space available. She asks that you freely share your concerns and help find good solutions. If there are not two students enrolled, a course beginning date will be rescheduled or a private session at $20 per hr. can be arranged. Enrollment for all classes is 2-4 students to provide ample individual attention and social distancing space.

Proof of vaccination is required to work in doors or a carport workspace is possible except for Spanish classes. 

  Students are encouraged to bring supplies they already have, or they can purchase any needed materials from Chris at minimal cost.

1 ) Water color, acrylic and silk painting classes consist of enrollment for four 2 hr. sessions per calendar month for $80. If a space is available, you can come for a single session for $20. Courses are designed to provide time to get to know the teacher and other students well and accomplish more during the 4 sessions.

2) Gyotaku fish printing is a single 3 hr. session.$30.

3) Spanish courses are four more 2 hr. sessions .$80 after the first session which is free to be certain the class is appropriate. Plan to continue several months to achieve your goals.

4) DIY succulent arrangement class is one 2 hr. session paying for actual materials used. Estimated $15

Courses and Schedules

 Beginning Acrylic Painting– Each session will start with instruction and demonstration of several aspects such as colors, brushes, composition ,or techniques. Then, students can practice along with Chris on a scene with a sky, water, and trees or do their own painting with help as needed.  Materials to bring, borrow or available at cost – acrylic paper, board or canvas, paints, brushes, pencil eraser.  Monday 2-4 pm. Four 2 hr. sessions per calendar month $80.

Intermediate Acrylic Painting – Individualized help with your painting. Monday 10-12 Four 2 hr. sessions per calendar month $80. See Beg. Acrylic for more details.

Beginning watercolor Painting– Each session will start with instruction and demonstration of several aspects such as colors, , paper, composition, or techniques.  You can paint the same picture of flowers, landscape, or sea scape with Chris or work on individual paintings. Materials to bring, borrow or available at cost – palette, paints, brushes, pencil, eraser, cold press paper, and a board,  Monday 6:00-8:00 pm. Four 2 hr. sessions per calendar month $80.

Intermediate watercolor painting – Individualized help with your painting. Tuesday 10-12 noon. . Four 2 hr. sessions per calendar month $80.

Silk painting–  A 16 inch square silk painting which can be mounted on canvas or a 60” scarf. Bring your ideas or drawings for a subject consisting of large flowers, other images or an abstract design See my Thai instructor’s face book pictures for ideas-
Batik class with Oi

”  The process  includes drawing, applying resist, painting with dye, fixing and washing, framing the squares, and if you want you can try wax batik. Materials $10 per project including silk, canvas, dyes and wax. Wed. 10-12 . Four 2 hr. sessions per calendar month $80.

Gyotaku Fish Painting– I have 10” fish but we need to plan ahead if you want something larger. We can use rice paper or silk and you can make 2 prints .The process includes cleaning the fish, creating a cradle, applying ink, printing the fish and adding details. Materials +/- $ 5 per print. (2-3 possible). One session to be scheduled. Suggested time Fri. 9 -12 noon $30

Spanish – After the first free class to check each student’s levels and interest, there will be a commitment for four 2 hr. classes $80. Class is held indoors around a table so everyone will be asked to present a vaccination card. Please be willing to do an in person or on the phone oral assessment before beginning for proper placement. Specific used textbooks to be purchased estimated $12.

Beginning Spanish – Phonics, greetings, family, numbers, present tense, adjectives, time, important expressions. We’ll use a basic book and workbook.

Tuesday 6:00- 8:00 pm

Intermediate Spanish – A grammar book, reading book, conversation and written assignments Content will depend on level and needs of students.. Students will have different strengths and weaknesses, but all have studied Spanish and know the basics.  Wednesday 6:00- 8:00 pm

DIY Succulent Arrangement – A 2 hr session with instruction followed by creating your own succulent arrangement purchasing low cost containers such as terracotta, ceramic dishes and plants. Estimated cost for supplies and plants $15 per arrangement.  Sun. 2-4 pm or Thurs 10-12 am

Thank you for reading through all that! Now please call, email or text Chris to let her know of your interest. there is a form below also to Get In Touch.

Chris MacCormack 941-757-7557 maccormc@artbycmac

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