Blog: News About Succulents

Shade room for Florida

The problems I had this summer trying to keep my more sensitive plants out of the rain and direct sun motivated me to take on a big project for a grandma. In the end, I got it all done with the help of a younger woman Monica. We changed a weedy fenced in area into… Continue reading Shade room for Florida

Make Your Own

Put together your own unique succulent arrangement by bring your container or choosing from my containers and plants. Bring your questions , creativity and about $15 to pay for items you buy. Sundays after the monthly carport sales from 1 -3. Allow about 40 min. Reservations Required. An low-key, affordable, outdoor activity.

Succulent Centerpieces

After learning about garden totems, I have constructed about 10 succulent centerpieces. They are all sturdy plant stands that could be used in a garden, patio or lanai and a few with specific low light plants could be used indoors near a window. I am very excited about this new idea which showcases succulents in… Continue reading Succulent Centerpieces

Euphorbia succulents

Euphorbia are mostly cactus like succulents with white sap that can irritate skin and even cause blindness. Use gloves when handling them and clean up sap with alcohol , not water. Included in this group are crown of thorns, pencil cactus, Madagascar palm, and many that look like cacti. Many smaller euphorbia can be grown… Continue reading Euphorbia succulents

Summary of Info on Succulents and Cold Weather in Florida

Adenium ex. Desert rose will not tolerate below 45 F;   Agave – no problem;   Aloe- brief frost OK;   Crassula ex Jade -will not tolerate frost;   Echeveria – no problem;   Euphorbia ex Christmas cactus- will not tolerate frost;   Gasteria – will not tolerate frost;   Gratoveria – brief frost OK;   Haworthia – will not tolerate frost;   Hoya… Continue reading Summary of Info on Succulents and Cold Weather in Florida

Senecio- strings and sticks +

Senecio is a genus with many different succulents ranging in appearance from straight stick-like plants such as the beacon plant to strings of pearls to larger short stemmed bushes. The smaller ones are mostly slow growing and tend to be more expensive. They tolerate a range of lighting conditions, are prone to rot easily, and… Continue reading Senecio- strings and sticks +


Sempervivumcommonly called ” hens and chicks” is another succulent which forms small tight rosettes. They tolerate a wide range of lighting from bright sunlight to indoors but since they  hug the ground ,they are very prone to rot if the soil stays too very prone to rot if the soil stays too wet. They tolerate… Continue reading Sempervivum