Succulent News

Summary of Info on Succulents and Cold Weather in Florida

Adenium ex. Desert rose will not tolerate below 45 F;  

Agave – no problem;  

Aloe- brief frost OK;  

Crassula ex Jade -will not tolerate frost;  

Echeveria – no problem;  

Euphorbia ex Christmas cactus- will not tolerate frost;  

Gasteria – will not tolerate frost;  

Gratoveria – brief frost OK;  

Haworthia – will not tolerate frost;  

Hoya – will not tolerate frost;  

Huernia- ex life saver – will not tolerate frost;  

Kalanchoe – damaged at 40 F and below;  

Portulaca- will not tolerate frost;  

Portulacaria ex Elephant bush – will not tolerate frost;  

Sanseviera ex- snake plant -will not tolerate frost;  

Sedum – ex – light frost OK;  

Sempervivum –Ex. hens and chicks – no problem;  

Senecio – Ex strings of bananas etc – will not tolerate frost;  

Stapelia- Ex starfish – will not tolerate frost;  

Yucca- no problem;   

from The Practical Illustrated Guide to Growing Cactus and Succulents by Miles Anderson

Based on this I am bringing in my desert rose and all my kalanchoe tonight. I am also buying plastic clear tarps ( Walmart) to enclose my carport where I can move things in case of colder nights. If it really freezes, most of my plants will have to come inside. I have 300+ so I hope that doesn’t happen. Chris

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